A First Blog Filled With Good Stuff ! Take Some Time And Check It Out ! Click On A Photo To See This Post

😎WOW ! I Found Blogging, Thanks To Crystal ! Here It Goes , So Let's Have Fun !

 Right Now We Are Experimenting With ~ What This Blog Site Will Do,...It Is New Territory...We Have SooooMuch...To Share ! 
 I Know That If You Like To Sew And Craft You Will Get Many Things Out If This Site ! That Is Our Sincere Wish & Goal !πŸ‘«

 So ~ Sew Your Britches, Sew Your Skirts,...Sew Leather, Sew Canvas, Sew Card Stock, Stitch Your Photographs ! Sewing Is Art !

 Yes, Sewing Machines Are MUCH More Flexible Than Most Folks Think ! Their Limitations Exist Mostly In The Boundaries Of Fear In The Crafter's Mind ! Needles Break..Machines Seldom Do!

 If You Break A Needle~~> NO BIG DEAL ! Stick Another One In And Figure Out What You Did~> Adjust Your Concept, And TRY AGAIN !....The Machine Isn't Scared...You Are !😰

 Lets Oil Our Sewing Machines And Save Their Life  ! If The Part Moves, It Needs Oil At Some Time...Even Plastic Needs Oil Or Silicone To Keep It Moving Smoothly...It Is Amazing What Oil Drops Do For A Machine,...Even The Plastic Ones !πŸ‘ I Will Show You How And Where ToπŸ‘‡ Oil ~  And Not πŸ‘ŽTo Oil  !
Hey,....My  Machine Is Dropping Stitches...What's Wrong ?
 Can You Adjust Your Sewing Machine's Bobbin Tension ?...Why Not? ~ Want To Sew With A Double Shaft Needle And Two Threads ?  It Is Easy If You Don't Set Your Stitches Too Wide Zig-Zag..Or Go Too Fast !😊 

 There Are Places In Your Machine That Must Be Oiled That Most
Instruction Manuals Don't Elaborate On...I Can Show You Where They Are !
 Some Crafters Are Border-Line ~ Intimidated By Their Sewing Machines, Some Are Just Down-Right Scared Of Them ! 
 I Understand Why, And The Manual Often Does Not Help Much.
 May-Be...I Can Help. At Least I Will Remove Some Of Your Fear Of Your Machine By Explaining What Is Happening Inside It !😏
  *#1 Rule Is ⇓⇓⇓⇓
 There Is No Substitute For Keeping The Fabric Debris & Threads Out Of The Moving Parts Area,..Especially The Bobbin Area !
  Top Loading Bobbins Jam Debris Under The Bobbin And Under The Feed Dogs ! This Can Cause LOTS LOTS Of Problems...Including Motor Jamming Issues !
 Ignoring This Debris-Jamming ~> Does Not Make It Go Away !πŸ˜–
 It Is Almost Always ~> Mostly Easy To Clean & Oil This Area If You Take A Moment To Get Your Screw Driver Out, Get Your Machine On A Clean Table Top, Put Your Good Strong Glasses On, Get Plenty Of Light, And Lets Figure It Out By Using Our Brain.😏

 All Sewing Machine Makers Realize Machines Must Be Cleaned And Oiled ! They Make Them Easier Than You Think To Do This Cleaning & Oiling...When And If ~~> You Loose Your Fear !😬

 Some Of The  First Videos I Will Put On Here...Will Be Of Cleaning & Lubing ~>The Bobbin And Feed Dog Areas.
 This Is What I See As The Most Abused Areas Of All The Machines I Repair And Restore ! OUCH !😡
 Ok,...Enough For Today. As I Wrote, We Are Figuring This Google Blog Site Out, It Is Late Now, And I Must Sleep.😴
Miles To Go,....& Promises To Keep !

 God Bless You All Real Good....Lets Have Fun Sewing More Care Free !...With "Sir Sews~a'~Lot"
Here I  Am Re-Lubricating A Gear Box On A Kenmore That Has  Steel Gears....This Must Be Done !

Here Is The Old Hard Grease That Had Solidified...Turned To Wax...OUCH ! I Got It Out And Replaced With Fresh Grease !

Here Is A Thread Tensioner...Lots Of Fear Around This Simple Thing...Just Two Plates Pinching The Thread ...And A Spring

The Shuttle Cock Assembly...The Secret Of Sewing Is Here ! Keeping This Area Clean And Oiled Insures Good Stitches !