June 10th Saturday...Post #2 ...More Pictures And Service Tips....Look Close !

After They Are Serviced , I Sew Test Them To Be Sure They Build Stitches Properly ! These Machines Are Amazing Mechanical Marvels...The Product Of Years And Years Of Advancement In  Sewing Technology.
The Older Metal And Fully Mechanical Machines Are Made Of  Less Plastic And Age Gracefully,...BUT BUT BUT
They Must Be Un Jammed And Properly Serviced To Sew Right...All Of Them...No Exceptions
This New Home Is Made By Janome Of Japan,...One Of The Best Sewing Manufacturers In The World,...They Make Kenmore Too ! This One Sewed Thicker Leather...I Called It Hulk !  It Was SOOOO Strong ! It Sold Fast After I Spent Hours Getting Every  Internal Thing Moving In The Right Manner ! It Had Sat For 30 To 40 Years ! WOW !
Here I Am Getting Debris Out Of The Feed Dog Area Under The Bobbin  Drive...This Area Must Be Kept Clean And Oiled...
There Is No Easy Way To Do This Except To Just Get In There And Do It ! The Time Spent To Do It ....Is What Saves The Machines, Plain And Simple..This Area Not Serviced...Cripples Sewing Machines Often...Too Often !

This Kenmore Is Made By Janome....It Had Been Sitting For Years And Needed Penetrating Solvent In Critical Areas....Then A Re-Lube...Adjustments,  & Cleaning,...Now It Sews Great Again...No Machine That Has Sat For Long Will Sew Correctly They Must Be Oiled ~ And Most Are Jammed And Seized In The Stitch Building Areas 

Look At Crystal Crafting With Leather And Metal Coke Cans....This "DressMaker" Model ~ We Called  Firebird ...It Was Very Fast And Pretty Too ! It Sold As Soon As We Listed It After We Serviced It Completely !

Picture Of  Us....Crystal And Dusty ~ This Christmas Past....We Are A Happy Couple And Really Enjoy Working With Crafting People...We Find Crafter's Generally Friendly & Artistic People Who Appreciate Truth & Good Machines !
We Give Them Both.

This Feather Weight Was Made By Singer After World War 2...It Is A Collectible That Is Much Sought After.It Sold  Fast

Necchi...A Premium Machine....I Serviced It Top To Bottom..Look At All The Debris That Were Jammed In It...The Next Pictures Under๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡The Finished Product Below....Beautiful , Huh?

Necchi Royal..After Servicing....But Look At What I Found When I Opened It Up !...It Was Time For Servicing....And VERY DRY Of Oil In The Bobbin Area...Any More Use As It Was...Would Have Burned The Bobbin Drive Out....BAD NEWS !

Very Typical...The Issue Was How Dry Of Oil And Grease The Joints Were ! Critical !

Absolutely At The Point Of Doing Real Damage With ANY MORE USE...Over Heat And Strip The Cogs Teeth. This Assembly  Turns The Bobbin Shuttle Cock Bask And Forth...Grabbing The Needle Thread And Inserting The Bobbin Thread In The Loop It Forms....Causing A Lock Stitch....Presto..The Magic Of Sewing Revealed ! I Will Show You Much More !

 As I Said...This Neechi Was Just Minutes Of Use Away From BAD Bad Bad ! Things Happening...We Saved It !!

Check Out These Cool Pictures Of Sewing Machines Sewing Leather And Being Serviced ! Kenmore, Singer, Bernina, Brothers, New Home, Janome, Baby Lock...We Have A Variety To Choose From And They Are Ready To Sew And Craft ! Just Call 254-721-5507..And Crystal Will Tell You What Machines We Have Available To Sell That Have Been Serviced ! 
This Singer Sewed 3 Layers Of Leather And A Diet Coke Can Too ! See For Yourself....Use A #18 Needle And Go Slow !
When The Machines Are Properly Serviced Adjusted And Lubed,...They Will Surprise You With What They Can Do !
Get A Machine From Us And It Will Do More Than You  Probably Thought Was Possible !
Sewing Stitching And Crafting With All Kinds OF Unique Materials