Finally...A Spot To Go With All Our Tips On Sewing Machines And Crafting Machines Too ! I Had So Much Fun Last Night Posting To This Blog Site ! We Have New ~ Used Machines Coming In Often....So Call If You Are Thinking About One !

More...More...More....Tips, Photos, And Information....Even Machines That ~ At This Moment Are Available For Sale ! 

Here Goes....Let's Have Fun And Loose Our Fear Of Sewing Leather And Sewing Machines  In General😎

This Singer I Called Prince Is A Marvel To  Behold....Here Are Some Pictures !πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

Today...June 10th 2017 The Prince Is Ready For Sale

Call Crystal @ 254-721-5507 and She Will Discuss Arrangements If You Are Interested
He Was Used VERY VERY Little...Almost Not At All  Which Is Fortunate To The Next Owner...As If One Can  "OWN" A Prince !πŸ™Œ
If He Is Sold...We Try To Keep More Like Him...Maybe ?

Made In 1984 Approximately...In Italy...😺.Italian Royalty The Prince Is !

The Stitches He Builds Are More Like ART !....They Are Amazing....He Builds The Stitches Flawless And Fast

The Bobbin Fills Through The Needle....No Need To Un Thread And Struggle....Super Convenient

The Auto-Tensioner ~> Also Allows You To Adjust It Manually...For Me This Is A Must ! 

Easiest Button-Hole Builder That I Have Seen ! He Has A Walking Foot Too !⟿ That Makes Stacks Of Material Feed Easier !

The Stitches Build Right Off This Menu....Push The Button....The Button Lights And The Prince Beeps....And Art Starts To Happen......See The Vine....That Decorates Anything !


  1. WOW! I Love This Machine! It's A Beauty to Behold...! The Prince is Mighty Handsome!


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