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DETERMINATION TO FIX ! Sewing Machines I Have Been Graced To Touch & Service

There Are Many Times That I Am In Awe Of The Folks That Invented And Designed Sewing MachinesIt Has Been A Privilege To Even Get To Touch Them, Let Alone Look Into Their EngineeringWhen I Get A Unique And Older Machine That Is Preserved Well, I Cannot Wait To Jump On It And Get It Sewing Again. Often I Will Stay Up All Night Till The Wee Hours Of The Dawns Breaking Finishing One. Like The Thrill Of The Hunt ~ I Just Have To Stay On The Trail Of The Finished Machine. Often I Run Into Issues That Are Factory In Nature...They Never Had A Chance To Work & Sew Correctly...The Poor Unfortunate First Owner, Gave Up....Boxed The Machine...Stored It For 40-50 Years...And It Ended Up On My Table. Now, "Sir Sews-A-Lot"...Gets His Shot At Making It Work As It Was Designed By Its Inventors To Sew And Stitch !
I Often Wonder ...Why? How Did It Get Past The Quality Control Person ? Why Didn't The Owner/Buyer Take It Back? Most Often The Owner Thinks It Is Their Fault, I Believe. I Think T…

My European~"Polish King Singer" All Mechanical A Real Prize Sewing Machine

Here Is Raw Footage Of "White" Sewing Machine Before Fully Restored

Look ~ Some Striking Pictures Of Sewing Machines We Have Saved & Restored !

A "Riccar" Classic ~ Heavy Metal~ Sewing Machine Sews Again !